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Pind daan at gaya or gaya Pinddaan is most important duty of son. Gaya is very holy place to offer pind daan. A son must offer pind daan at gaya for the salvation of the soul of their ancestors. Three important places at gaya to perform pind daan are  bank of the falgu river, vishnupad temple and akshay vat. If one visits gaya for performing pooja just for single day he offers pind daan at above three places.

We are Gayaji (Gaya Dham) Hathiwala Gaur at Gayaji tirth dhaam. We are Hathiwala Gujarati Gaur (panditji) Real Gour to offer Pindaan, tarpan and various shraddha at gaya tirth.

Late Shyamlal Bitthal Hathiwala His Grandson Deepakbhai Hathiwala only Gaur (PANDA) for All Gujarat, Saurashtra, kathiayawaad , Kachchha Bhuj, Rajashan ,Uttar Pradesh, Assam, Bengla, and Bihar, We have the 'Chaupad' ( Record of Ancestor) of the People of Gujarat belonging to any Place and any neyat( Caste).

We are the Purohits (Priests) at Gaya Ji knows as Gaur or Gayawal Panda who help, Guide and Bless the People willing to Offer Pinda Daan to there ancestors. Since generations we are  Performing pindaan, tarpan, Tirth shraddha vidhi, narayan bali, panchbali shraddha, bhoot bali, pret bali  and Dosh Nirwaran Pooja, Tarpan in Gaya for there ancestors.

Why Pitrushradh or Pindadan ? :- For the salvation ( Moksha) of the soul of their ancestors all successors need to perform Gaya Shradha or Offer Pinda Daan.

Who Can Offer ? :- Any Person belonging To Hindu culture or Sanatan Religion residing in any Part of the World needs to offer Pindadaan at GAYA Ji.


In the Kurmpuran, 34/7-8, it is said:

“All forefathers appreciate a pilgrimage to Gaya by their successors. Once the pind daan is performed in Gaya, one achieves salvation. One becomes free of rebirth. If one visits Gaya even once and offers pind daan, the forefathers become free from hell and other dreadful destinations and achieve salvation.”

In the Kurmpuran it is also said that whoever goes to Gaya for pind daan is blessed and seven generations from the paternal and maternal side are benefited along with the personal self who achieves salvation.


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Real Hathiwala Gujarati Gaur at Gaya Ji.Deepakbhai Bitthal, Grandson Of Late Shri Shyamlal Bitthal


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